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Double shooting leaves one woman dead and one man injured

An innocent mother of six lost her life last night when she was callously gunned down in her own home in Santa Elena Town Cayo. 58 year old Mirna Young was not the intended target however and the gunman also injured another man who was inside her yard. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette told us what the police know.
ACP Joseph Myvette,

ACP Joseph Myvette, Crimes Investigation Branch: “One Mynor Gallindo along with Angel Martinez were inside Gallindo’s yard when they were approached by two dark skinned male persons on a motorbike one of whom got off and took out a handgun and fired several shots in the direction of Martinez and Gallindo. As a result they ran to the back of the yard and were followed by the gunman and in the process of hearing the shots Ms.Mirna then came to her front door where when the gunman returned back he fired several shots towards her direction one of which caught her.”

 The survivor, Angel Martinez who is Young’s nephew told us he was just hanging out when the gunman, whom he didn’t recognize approached him. 

Angel Martinez, Nephew of Mirna Young: “I saw two men on a motorcycle just stopped in front of the house and one got off and came in and he hailed me so I went towards him and when I went towards him he took out a firearm and started to shoot like crazy. Because a wall was close to me so when I turned my back when I started to run that is where he caught me so it just flew past and caught me, the other ones didn’t catch me because the wall was protecting me.”

Martinez stated that while he is happy to be alive he is grieving his aunt’s’ death. Young’s husband, David Young, is also mourning the loss of his wife of over 17 years. 

David Young, Husband of the deceased: “Last night about 8:30 a person on bicycle stopped me and told me someone got shot at my house. I came over to come see and when I got here a man and my wife got shot and they were already being transported already. When I got to the hospital I saw her, after seeing her I thought everything was safe with her because you know only your eyes can see things but I didn’t know it was a lot of pain bleeding on the inside. I know she had one entered and one exit so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem  but she wasn’t strong enough. I saw at the doorway I said surly my wife ran to the door when she heard those shots but that was not so, she did not have the time to run to this door, she got shot inside of the house; how dreadful, how hurtful, inside. Everybody was inside with two children one three years old and the other one eight and gunshots are flying over these children’s heads.”

Police have yet to ascertain a motive but there are reports that this shooting was in retaliation for a recent murder in Belmopan. ACP Myvette stated that they are looking at every angle.”