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A dozen Murders so far for 2019, including Shawn Hemmans

There was a murder last night on the north side of Belize City.  The victim, 33-year-old, Shawn Hemmans passed away just after eight o’clock last night after being shot multiple times. The family believes Hemmans was an innocent victim.

Jose Sanchez: “Sunday was a celebration for people who watch the Super Bowl. Shawn Hemmans stepped out of this Saint Thomas Street house during the Halftime Show into a hail of bullets.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Shawn Hemmans a 33 year old Belizean of #13 Flowers Street Kings Park. He had apparent gunshot wounds to his body. What Police gathered so far is that just at about 7PM Mr. Hemmans was at a yard located on St. Thomas Street watching the Super Bowl and after the half time he came out to the veranda to have a drink. Whilst on the veranda he was called out by someone and as he went down the stairs people heard a variety of shots being fired. Later on a male person who was along with him inside of the house came out and found him with the several gunshot wounds where after he was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital however he succumbed to his injuries later on that night. The shooting happened halfway through the stairs going up to the second floor of the house.”

Jose Sanchez: “His sister Natalie Hemmans says he was productive at work and also at the family home. She says that he was not involved in crime.”

Natalie Hemmans: “Shawn Hemmans was not in any gang or anything like that. I just honestly think that they hurt my brother for no reason or maybe they went to the house to shoot because apparently I heard them say they were going to shoot up the house any which way and Shawn was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and that they were just going to shoot anyone that came out the door. They had halftime for Super Bowl and that is when Shawn stepped out onto the veranda and as he stepped out on the veranda that is what happened to Shawn.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Police concour and also said that he is not known to them but the house on St. Thomas Street they knew quite well.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “It is a house that has been searched several times by Police and it is of concern because of several persons of different characters have been frequenting that area. At this time we cannot tell you if Mr. Hemmans was the intended target or not but there were only two persons inside of the house. It was him and another person. We do not have anything in regards to Mr. Hemmans. We know him to be a person that likes to socialize. He is a person that frequents many establishments but not a person that is involved in any illegal activities, no we don’t have any records to say that.”

Jose Sanchez: “The family laments that an innocent person was killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Natalie Hemmans: “Shawn was a loving, helpful, hardworking that didn’t think about robbing anyone, do what they did to him, shoot no one and eat. He put a sign outside on on the lamppost and put car wash so people passed and asked who washed cars. Shawn was a tour guide, Shawn is a licensed Tour Guide so when Shawn wasn’t on tour with tourist Shawn helps. Shawn would be right at home here.”

Jose Sanchez: “He was at the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Natalie Hemmans: “That is what I Natalie Hemmans thinks. Anyone could have been the target, anyone that pushed open the door and stood on the veranda could have been the target because they have a tent downstairs in the yard and they can’t see who is down stairs underneath that tent waiting for who is coming and it was dark.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Hemmans is the 12th murder victim for 2019.