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Dozens Laid Off in Transport Sector

The Ministry of Logistics has gone quiet amid the multiple firings within the transport sector. Upon getting reports of over 75 terminations done within the last week we have tried getting an interview on the situation but to no avail. The CEO Marconi Leal Junior has ignored our texts and calls while Minister Rodwell Ferguson has reportedly been busy in Cabinet today. The opposition, however, has spoken out on the issue and has condemned the Briceno administration for the mass firings that occurred within the Terminal Management Units in Belize City and Orange Walk Town. The workers were handed their letters just before the long weekend when ironically, the country was celebrating George Price Day. From the letters we have seen there is no basis mentioned for the firing. The letters opened by saying, in part, quote, “Please be advised that your service is no longer needed and is therefore being terminated.” End of quote. The letters, all signed by CEO Leal, continue to detail the compensations they would be receiving for holidays and length of service with an assurance of payment of severance where applicable. Several of the workers are now clueless as to what their next move will be; as was expressed by some at the Belize City Terminal Management Unit.

Some of the workers are still questioning the reason for their termination, saying they either voted for the PUP, or they are not politically affiliated in any way. The opposition had noted in a previous interview that they would be offering legal services to appeal these firings, but they too are now reluctant to grant interviews. We do understand, however, that the UDP is planning a press conference for later this week.