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DPM explains why new Civic to be privately managed

The Civic in Belize City is nearing its completion. The thirty two million dollars infrastructural investment began in 2015 and it’s now expected to be completed three months before the scheduled time and within its budget. It will be a multipurpose, structure that will be privately managed. This means that after Medina’s Construction and International Environment Limited have completed the construction, a private entity will take over the management of the facilities. Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber, explained why that is the best option.


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“We are looking forward for that wonderful day when we can go back to the Civic Center not to what it used to be but the new Civic Center and yes we have indicated that we want that facility to be managed properly. I think all right thinking Belizeans will agree that making after such a huge investment it is a state of the art facility we don’t want a few years down the road to have to look at it in shambles and say we didn’t take very good care of it and so we are putting together an offering where people will be invited to bid to manage the facility but that does not mean, I want to signal from now, that the entities the various sporting entities schools for instance where competitions are held for the community and so on that things like that will not happen. Whatever kind of management contract we engage in will have to have that soft side for those clients that obviously cannot pay what other who may want to use the facility could pay and so that will be worked in people can be assured of that.”



“But what is the rational in moving in that direction in having private management?”


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

‘Well the idea is that it is a difficult facility to maintain even here at the Marion Jones I think it is merely because this is now the home of the National Sports Council but even in those other parts of the country where we have the new facilities being built the idea is to have an entity manage not in a private way like the Civic Center but in terms of getting various stakeholders together to have a body that will govern the use of the stadium rather than leaving it only up to the Sports Council which clearly does not have the resources to spread so far to manage all of these facilities. It is merely out of an intention to make sure that we continue to have a state of the art facility years to come and not only at its opening that we are doing this and Belizeans should know as well that we have no hidden agenda there it’s a major investment we want to make sure that it stays pristine and so that is what we want to do but we are going to make sure that it is fair to the Belizean people as well and that everybody can benefit.”


The Civic is expected to be completed by September.