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DPP commends Police Department on ongoing investigation into teenager’s death

David and Anke Doehm remain on remand at the Belize Central Prison on charges of child cruelty. Reports had surfaced this morning that Anke had received bail. However we have confirmed with the CEO of the prison that the Doehms remain in a jail cell. We have also been informed that the bail hearing for David and Anke is expected to be heard in the Supreme Court next week. Their attorneys Richard Bradley and Ellis Arnold have filed paperwork asking the Supreme Court to grant the defendants bail. The Director of Public Prosecution is expected to object to that request on the grounds that the Doehms are a flight risk. Cheryl Lynn Vidal told the media yesterday that the murder of Faye Lin Cannon remains under investigation.

Cheryl Lynn Vidal – DPP
“Investigation in relation to the death of Faye Lyn is ongoing. You know that most often you hear from me when I’m ranting and raving about the police, but I cannot say anything unfavorable in this case. They consulted with us as early as it was possible for them to do so and I really feel as if they are investing a lot of time and energy into this investigation and doing anything that they can possibly do. So the fact that we have not been able to lay a charge for the death of Faye Lyn is not for want of a proper investigation by the police and I really have to commend Ms. Phillips Magdaleno for the approach she took in relation to the investigation because we have been communicating in relation to the matter when I needed information to inform my decision she was very quick to respond and ensure that I got what I wanted and this is the way the police and the DPPs office is supposed to work.”

Police have yet to bring a murder charge against the Doehms because there is not enough evidence to do so.