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DPP to Determine Way Forward in Justice for Baby Janeeka Campbell

Baby Janeeka Campbell was laid to rest today after she passed away last week. Belmopan Police suspect some sort of foul play since bruises were observed on her fragile body. A post mortem was conducted but the results did not make the matter any clearer. Belmopan’s Commanding Officer, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, gave us an update.


“Last week Friday we sent all the evidence that we had in our possession to the DPP office and I must say that her response was very quick, by last Friday evening we got a response and she requested some further work to the file before she could make a determination and part of that work is also to have a statement recorded from the doctor. I don’t want to go into the full details of what she has directed but that is part of it so I believe that statement has been obtained and as soon as we get all the things that she has asked for we will send it to her office and we will have a direction on a way forward. The meeting would have been academic because one of the instructions that came from the DPP was to record a statement from the pathologist which we will do the same thing as we would have met with the pathologist so all that will come out in that statement. I am not in office for this week but I am told that that statement should have been taken earlier this week so I believe we have that in our possession and I can’t give the details of it but I will send it to the DPP again and she will make a determination.”

Baby’s Janeeka’s cause of death has been classified as “Traumatic asphyxiation (AS-FIX-I-A-TION) multifocal subarachnoid (SUB-A-RACH-NOID) hemorrhage due to head and chest trauma”.