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Dr. Arnold Wants Charges Against the LOO Withdrawn

In a turn of events surrounding the personal affairs of Patrick Faber, just before news time tonight, a letter reached our news desk indicating to the Police Commissioner that the victim no longer wishes to pursue criminal charges against Faber. Dr Shanikka Arnold sent the letter this evening to the Police Commissioner, stating, quote, “please be advised that I, Shanikka Arnold, hereby wish to withdraw any and all charges levied against Patrick Faber as a result of my report and statement made on the 19th day of January, 2022.” End of quote. The letter was signed by Arnold, and attorneys David Morales and Orson Elrington. Additionally, both Faber and Arnold issued a public statement on social media saying that it is regretful that the matter has entered public domain and that Faber’s priority is Arnold’s wellbeing and the family. The couple further stated that they are working on their relationship and that speculations drawn from Arnold’s visit to the Queen Street Police Station are inaccurate. The couple has asked for privacy to navigate their personal situation. Love News contacted the Police Commissioner at five thirty this evening and we were told that they will pursue the charges against the Leader of the Opposition and that her withdrawal will have to take place in the courtroom. Up to that time, Faber was yet to be detained.