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Dr. Candice Pitts ready to fight for Mesop

Despite the challenges, Pitts says she is up to the task. 

Earlier this year, Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts, was endorsed as the PUP Standard Bearer for the Mesopotamia constituency. In the next general election scheduled to take place in 2020, Dr. Pitts will go up against Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow for that division.  Anyone in politics would surmise that it’s not a balanced playing field.  Despite the challenges, Pitts says she is up to the task.

Dr.Candice Pitts, PUP Standard Bearer for Mesopotamia: “I think that the people of Mesopotamia have been very receptive, one because we come with a level of work that is just very genuine and sincere about helping to develop this community and help to address the many many concerns and needs of this constituency which is one of the smallest constituencies as you may know in the city but every day we witness the physical decay and it’s just really a stone’s throw away from the center of the city- it needs much development and that is something we are trying to address and contribute here and I think the people of Mesopotamia are already witnessing this. I mean I’m not even waiting until I win an election per se to bring these initiatives into this constituency and this is the work that we will continue to do.”

Dr. Pitts captured the most votes in the last municipal elections.