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Dr. Candice Pitts vs Gilroy Usher for Port Loyola?

It is convention season for the People’s United Party and some members have begun to apply to contest conventions for several divisions. In Belize City we noted that the recently elected councilor, Dr. Candice Pitts is making a move in the Port Loyola Division. Dr. Pitts has begun her campaign to run in that division which Gilroy Usher has been working in for the past few years. Today we asked PUP Leader, John Briceno, about it.

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “If you put in the work what you think will happen the people are going to support you. As I have always said like in Orange Walk Central, Everybody is welcome to Orange Walk Central. Orange Walk Central does not belong to me but I put in the work so I believe that if when we have our convention in Orange Walk Central and should anybody decide too they want to challenge me that I think I am going to be successful because I have done the work. That applies to Port Loyola and to all the other constituencies, these consistencies do not belong to any one of us. I will admit and agree that Gilroy Usher has put in a lot of work.”

Reporter: You would support Usher?

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “Well as the party leader I need to remain neutral but I want to point out that he has worked in the area. He has worked in the division and his team I am supporting Candice Pitts to campaign in the Port Loyola Division and they delivered Port Loyola for the PUP so.”

Reporter: Would Dr. Pitts be swayed or convinced to back off?

John Bricenio, Opposition Leader: “That’s a decision that she and her advisors would have to make.”