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Dr. Candice Pitts wants to represent Port Loyola under the PUP

Belize City Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts is not backing down from her challenge against Gilroy Usher Senior to become the PUP’s Standard Bearer for Port Loyola Division. Dr. Pitts launched a campaign, after being elected to the Belize City Council on March 7. While Usher has been on the ground for the past two elections, the division does not belong to him and he has yet to secure his party’s endorsement. There are no signs that Dr. Pitts will stand down and this morning, Dr. Pitts uploaded a four-minute pre-recorded statement on her Facebook page in which she explains her decision to challenge Usher.

“Now while we are not out here to malign anyone we still have to listen to the concerns of the residents of Port and many of them have saying that they have worked with the current PUP standard bearer for two elections, they have worked side by side with him for two elections and he has not delivered them in any of these elections and so they are saying that they cannot just sit on the sidelines and wait and figure out if he is going to win one of these elections so they have been asking for another candidate and I have offered myself. I do believe that I have the competence, that I have the capabilities and the commitments, the drive, the kind of vision and my team is also very supportive and they have that kind of vision and drive as well to bring the kind of care and development this constituency needs. Now a lot of people have some questions. They ask ‘haven’t you just won an election?’ yes the PUP City Council team did win the election on March 7th and I assure you that this council has been working and continues to work and I continue to execute my office to its fullest. Others have asked ‘well why now? Why so soon.?’ Well the party has required that all standard bearer for every constituency be in place before July 1st which is the start of the re-registration period and this is the reason why the convention had to come on the heels of the Municipal Elections because we have to have a standard bearer in place in Port before July 1st. I want to be remembered if nothing else as a woman who is submissive to will of God, a woman who has not and will not shy away from a challenge and a woman who just wants to contribute to the development of my community and society in general.”

Last week PUP Leader, John Briceno told Love News that as the party’s leader he will not choose a side but in a cell phone video, Briceno is heard expressing support for Usher.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “As long as Gilroy decides that he wants to continue to work for the people in Port Loyola that he has my full confidence and support. Mind you people believe that we will win the next election and we know we are going to we are going to win the next election.”And when they hear that it is a sure win, everybody will want to go in, all kind of people will want to jump in but we can’t forget those people that stood with us when we are at the bottom. Now that we are going to the top, we have to ensure that those are the people that will continue working to get us to Belmopan and Gilroy is one of them.”

Dr. Pitts’ decision to challenge Usher has received mixed responses.