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DR. Carla Barnett to be Appointed as the Secretary General for CARICOM

In 2004, she was the first woman to be appointed as the Financial Secretary in Belize, and tonight she is now the first woman to be appointed as the Secretary General for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Doctor Carla Barnett’s appointment was publicly confirmed today via a press statement in which the CARICOM Chairman, Doctor Keith Rowley indicated that the selection was unanimous during the Heads of Government meeting held today. Doctor Barnett told Love News today that she is ready to tackle the myriad (mi-ri-yad) issues affecting the Caribbean Community including but not limited to climate change, correspondent banking and the current Covid-19 pandemic. Doctor Barnett has been celebrated many times before including when she was appointed as the time when she was named the first woman Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, and again in 1997 when she took the post as the first woman Deputy Secretary General of CARICOM. Her professional career in management and finances extends over three decades. She told Love News that while she appreciates the opportunities she has had, she encouraged other women to not be intimidated by these major appointments.

Dr.Carla Barnett, Incoming CARICOM Secretary General: “Don’t be intimidated it’s just work and your horizons expand and you go beyond and it isn’t to be intimidated it is to be grasped. When I first worked at the regional level I was in graduate school and I saw a vacancy for a job at the Caribbean Development Bank and I applied and I got appointed and that was many many years ago and the opportunities there of working, of visiting all of the countries of the Caribbean, of providing advice to, learning from peoples all over the Caribbean has remained with me and therefore I have subsequently in all of my jobs had to work with agencies in the wider Caribbean, worked for agencies in the wider Caribbean because you know I always say don’t be limited by anything, reach out and do as much as you can as widely as you can because you have as much to give a you have to receive.”

Doctor Barnett notes that she had been nominated for the post of Secretary General to CARICOM by both the previous and current administrations.