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Dr Colin Young Takes the Reins of SSB in 2017

Effective January 3, 2017, Dr Colin Young will begin his 3-year contract as the Chief Executive Officer at the Social Security Board.  Dr Young will be vacating his seat as the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of the Environment, Forestry, Sustainable Development and Climate Change to take up his new post.  The CEO seat became available a few months ago when the contract for Richard Flowers had expired and according to SSB Chairman, Doug Singh, a mutual decision was made to not have it renewed.  Dr Young was appointed in pursuant to Section 35 of the Social Security Act, Chapter 44 of the Laws of Belize.  As the CEO, he will be responsible for the overall direction of the Social Security Board.  It is unclear as to whether Dr Young will retain his membership on the Government’s Economic Policy Coordinating Team and on the Green Climate Fund Board for Latin America and the Caribbean.  In recent years, the SSB has seen Merlene Bailey-Martinez and Richard Flowers as its CEO.