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Dr. George Gough takes over as CEO in the Ministry of Health

A 2-paragraph release is all the media got from the Government Press Office today with a notification that the new Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health is Dr George Gough.  Dr Gough replaces Dr Ramon Figueroa who was installed as CEO in August 2015.  While the media is in the dark when it comes to many changes within the Government, the main opposition, PUP, says that in this instance, the rumor mill has been churning for some time now.

Leader of the Opposition – John Bricenio: “We have been hearing this for some time and we have been hearing that Dr. Figueroa has been very frustrated as the CEO in the Ministry of Health. He is constantly at loggerheads with the Minister of Health and so we have been hearing that he is going to be removed. The last I heard yesterday was that they were going to switch places or positions, that he was going to NHI and then Dr. Gough was going to come as CEO for the Ministry of Health. That is what I was told as of late yesterday evening but we have been hearing it and I am not surprised, it is very difficult to work with a Minister that wants to micromanage and we know why he wants to micromanage everything that is going on in the Ministry of Health but that too will come to light.”

This is the second such move in the Ministry of Health.  In May, Dr Angel Campos was removed as the head of the National Health Insurance and sent to the Ministry of Human Development.  That notice also came with a 2-paragraph release to the media with no rationale for the transfer.  When questioned about it, Health Minister, Pablo Marin told the media that there were no ill feelings involved in the shift.  Love News understands from an internal source that Dr Figueroa and the Minister were not seeing eye to eye on some issues and that he will go from CEO to the National Health Insurance (NHI) Unit.  Dr Gough takes over the CEO’s seat immediately while Dr Figueroa is away on vacation.  Gough is currently the Chair of the National Health Insurance Committee and also the Chair of the Belize Medical Council. //////////