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Dr Jorge Hidalgo Dubbed Master of Critical Care Medicine by SCCM Council

Doctor Jorge Hidalgo has been practicing medicine in Belize for some years now and currently in an Internist at the Belize Healthcare Partners in Belize City.  While Hidalgo has achieved several awards and recognition, he now has another achievement to add to his list.  Earlier this month, Dr Hidalgo received a letter from the Council of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) informing him that he has been selected as a Master of Critical Care Medicine which the SCCM says is a reflection of his status as a long standing Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine over the last five years and his achievements.   The letter went on to state that with this new status, Hidalgo would be expected to continue being a prominent and distinguished leader of national and international stature while carrying out continued eminence in clinical practice, outstanding contributions to research and education in critical care and exemplary contributions to SCCM, ACCM and the field of critical care in its broadest sense.  This honorary title will be officially bestowed to Dr Hidalgo in February 2016 in Orlando, Florida where a joint function of the American College of Critical Care Medicine Convocation/Society of Critical Care Medicine Awards and the SCCM’s 45th Critical Care Congress will be held.  According to the Belize Healthcare Partners website, Dr. Hidalgo is responsible for the first and biggest general intensive care unit (6-bed Unit) in the country of Belize in 2002.  He has also been a pioneer of Critical Care Medicine in the region and in 2010 he found in Belize the Central America and the Caribbean Consortium of the Intensive Care Medicine. Due to his contribution in the field of Intensive Care he has been awarded for five consecutive years with the Presidential Citation Award from the American Society of Intensive Care Medicine.  He is a member of several agencies including the American Society of Critical Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, American Society of Chest Physician and the American Society of Physician.