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Dr Jorge Hidalgo Dubbed Master of Critical Care Medicine

In mid-November we told you of the prestigious award being bestowed upon Dr Jorge Hidalgo Marroquin by the Council of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.  That award has named Dr Hidalgo as the Master of Critical Care Medicine.  Earlier this week we spoke with Doctor Hidalgo who explained the works he along with Dr Pedro Arriaga have undertaken when it comes to the medicinal field particularly in critical care.

DR JORGE HIDALGO: “We also participate, Dr.Ariagga and myself, we participate in writing chapters for books for them. Actually every year we release a book in Chile with the Pan-American Society of Critical Care we are preparing a book that is going to be released hopefully by the middle of the year and this essentially is on how to treat tropical diseases in the critical care unit and Dr.Ariagga and I are the editors of that book. We also go to different countries to conduct trainings and that is how they gave me the Masters from the American College of Critical Care, I’m the first Latin American Doctor in the Caribbean that is going to get this award.”

Dr Hidalgo will be officially presented with the award in Florida on February 22, 2016 during a joint function of the American College of Critical Care Medicine Convocation/Society of Critical Care Medicine Awards and the SCCM’s 45th Critical Care Congress will be held.  Due to his contribution in the field of Intensive Care, Hidalgo has been awarded for five consecutive years with the Presidential Citation Award from the American Society of Intensive Care Medicine.  He is a member of several agencies including the American Society of Critical Care Medicine, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, American Society of Chest Physician and the American Society of Physician.