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Dr. Manza is The New Director of International Services at MOHW

Dr Marvin Manzanero: a few weeks ago we told you that he had decided to stay within the public service. At the time of that decision, it was still unclear as to what his role would be within the Ministry of Health. Tonight, we can tell you that Dr Manzanero is now the Director of International Services. According to Health Minister, Kevin Bernard, the post serves as a liaison with the various international health related organizations.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “All directors have to work in a managerial capacity. We deal with a lot with international corporations, with PAHO, UNDP, UNICEF, so the international cooperation branch is going to be like our liaise dealing with all of these types of arrangements so it’s, it’s, the task is heavy and we cannot rely on just on individual to do it so we have to have a director that can coordinate activities. When you look at all the working with the IDB and these places, so I think that it’s very important to understand the functions. I don’t recall the whole terms of reference off my head but I know it has to do a lot with the discussions we have to have with COMISCA, with UNICEF, with IDB, with World Paediatric Project, these are, these agencies, these mission groups that come in and work along with, so there is going to be a lot of collaboration with and discussions that has to have along with focusing on our public health and wellness and focusing on hospital services of course but again they have to work together. You see? So it’s about also making sure that the work was not left on the decision of one person. Dividing the structure and making sure that there’s more efficiency in the delivery of service that we offer to the Belizean people.” 

Dr Marvin Manzanero is the former Director of Health Services.