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Dr Marvin Manzanero tests positive for Covid-19

Dr Marvin Manzanero has tested positive for Covid-19.  The Director of Health Services has been the reassuring voice over the past few months as Belize set out to tackle this virus.  That would perhaps explain why hundreds of persons have flocked to the good doctor’s social media page with well wishes.  Dr Manzanero wrote on his timeline at 3:56pm today, quote, “After starting with minor throat itchiness on Friday, finally went in for a swab yesterday – never been swabbed for SARS-CoV2 – that result has become positive via a rapid antigen test.” Shortly after posting his results he told Love News that he was not in good spirits today and so we were unable to get an interview with him.  On his post, however, he did write, quote, “For those who work closely, they would note that I am very meticulous and careful about physical distancing and enforcing mask wearing at all times- double mask lately. Therefore, I can’t really say what happened but beyond being on the ground around flu clinics areas in Corozal a couple of weeks and having had short 1 on 1 meetings with MOH staff (with all precautions taken) over last couple of weeks, not really unaware of any real exposure beyond that.  Folks, we cannot let our guards down.  It may get to the point where the person who works outside from home may need to start wearing a mask home too!” /