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Dr. Mckay still fighting administrative leave

Claudette Williams Moralez is currently the acting principal of Gwen Lizarraga High School. She was appointed to the post following the suspension of Principal, Dr. Lorna Mckay. Dr. Mckay was suspended for allegedly committing violations. In August 2017, Dr. McKay received a letter informing her that she was being placed on administrative leave. Dr. McKay still claims that she had been victimized. Today Minister of Education Patrick Faber said McKay was not doing a very good job as Principal.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “There was a recommendation from the board handed up to the TSC for the disciplining of principal Lorna McKay. I believe that the commission found evidence presented to play out on I think two of the four charges, I’m not certain of all the details but that the recommendation made by the board for dismissal was too harsh of a punishment for what she was found to be guilty of so to speak and so the matter continues between the board the TSC and probably even the appeals body that is involved higher up over the Teaching Service Commission. So it is a matter that is very fluid as it relates to the principal and the charges that have been brought against her. I will say this on the record, the school under the leadership of Ms.MKay was going in the wrong direction however much the TSC does not believe that the action on the part of the board to punish the actions of the principal based on the evidence I am convinced in my mind and to me one of the other loopholes in our system where we find wrong doing happening and we are trying to address it, there can be no question about that and then there are challenges legally and otherwise people trying to save what is there what has clearly gone wrong. Well as the representative of the Collet decision I am sorry, and furthermore as the Minister of Education which I repeat is the proprietor of this school I cannot sit back idly twiddling my thumbs and know that a situation of failed leadership has prevailed at that school for so long and that now because of some technicality and semantics things might be allowed to continue I am sorry. So if we are wrong then we will take our licking down the road when it comes to that.”

Dr. Mckay and her lawyers have written to the board on the matter.