Dr. Osmond Martinez Discusses Toledo East Vision on Morning Show

Dr. Osmond Martinez Discusses Toledo East Vision on Morning Show

Tonight, we continue our coverage of the candidates vying to represent the People’s United Party in Toledo East. This morning, the Chief Executive Officer of Economic Development, Dr. Osmond Martinez, made his appearance on The Morning Show. The Toledo native is one of the three men hoping to represent Toledo East in the upcoming by-lections slated for July. During his appearance, Dr. Martinez spoke about his humble beginnings in the area known as the “Banana Belt” and his desire to uplift southern residents living in poverty. This morning, the career economist spoke on his plans for the constituency, which he says has a lack of employment opportunities due to little investment over the past years. 

Dr.Osmond Martinez, PUP Aspirant: “Recently when we did our population and housing census and doing some analysis, some macroeconomic analysis in Toledo, I realized that Toledo district, you know, is the one who’s championing all the negative indicators. So you have the less foreign direct investment in Toledo. The lowest employment opportunity, so which means that there is high unemployment. The health system needs to improve, education, and so but in general, while poverty is decreasing as a national indicator, poverty in Toledo has increased when we look at the absolute numbers.”

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: Really? 

Dr.Osmond Martinez, PUP Aspirant: “Yes. And so I ask myself. I ask myself. What will I do with this knowledge that I have, with the experience that I have gained, and the international network of investors and even public sector investments, investors that can come into the country? What can I do? And what will I do with it? Will I continue to be selfish? Actually, for me to make this move, I’m probably moving into a salary cut, you know, from what I’m getting right now. And when it comes to power, I might have less power because the power that I have as a CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development, I manage over a billion dollars in terms of public sector investment projects and the programs. One of the negotiators with all the IFIs. But do I want to continue to see young people without opportunities just the way that I grew up? I mean, I am here by the grace and mercy of God. And we have to think about the people. One day, God will ask us, what did you do for the people? You had an opportunity to help. So as a CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development, I can only recommend policies. As an area rep, I can champion macroeconomic and microeconomic policies that will impact the people.”

Dr. Martinez believes that there is a greater need for the government to develop a multidimensional development plan to tackle the unique needs of the Toledo District. He says that if elected, he will work with the various social groups to ensure resources are distributed equitably.  

Dr.Osmond Martinez, PUP Aspirant: “There were two cries from the people. One, that imagine that a pregnant woman coming from Dolores to the hospital in Punta Gorda it’s almost three hours, and they don’t have vehicles, or they might have to charter a vehicle, or the woman will have to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle. And then when they’re coming out because the road is so bad the lady will give birth on the street side. I mean, these are things that we are practically back on the 20th century. They need to be addressed now. So infrastructure. And then the second cry is water. They don’t have water right now. So, when I look at the needs of the people, I was, I mean, emotionally it hurts me. Yeah. You know, because there was one person that says, you know, I work at the hospital in Punta Gorda but while the person who, my colleague who lived in Punta Gorda, she would wake up at seven in the morning go and take a bath and ready to go. Right? And she will be there at eight. She said, she explained to me she said I have to get up at three in the morning, walk two miles, get a bucket of water. take a bath and then come back, get back at home around nine at night. I mean that’s a basic human right that we all must have water. Right? When it comes to our plan, as I said before, we need a multi-dimensional social protection productivity plan one that is aligned into a pro-poor development plan. Okay? And employment has to be number one priority.”

Dr. Martinez says he will also focus on housing, healthcare, and access to land.

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