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Dr Percival Cho Named As Figueroa’s CEO

The Government of Belize announced today that Doctor Percival Cho is the new Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Dr. Cho will have oversight for the Fisheries Department, Forest Department, Department of the Environment, Sustainable Development, National Climate Change Office, and the Solid Waste Management Authority. He will work under Minister of State, Omar Figueroa. According to a government press release, Dr. Cho is a career public officer with over 17 years of experience. Dr. Cho is described as a ‘forestry expert and natural resource scientist who holds a PhD degree in Environmental Biology from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, a Master of Science degree in Forestry from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resource Management from Clemson University in South Carolina, USA.  He has served as a board member for the Friends for Conservation and Development and has served in various capacities on government committees and working groups.  Dr. Cho replaces Dr. Colin Young who is now at Social Security Board.