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Dr Zab Leaves Advisory Post for the Progressive Party BPP

In April of this year, the Belize Progressive Party announced that well known educator, author and economist, Dr. Louis Zabaneh had joined its ranks. Today Zabaneh issued a notice to say he has resigned as advisor to the executive of the BPP. Zabaneh expressed his gratitude to the Party for inviting him to share his expertise. He goes on to say quote “Let us as a nation continue to work towards sustainable human development by ensuring that our political system improves, that our social capital grows, that our economy strengthens, and that our environment is protected. As we demand the highest standards of behavior from our leaders, so too must we strive as individuals to live lives of integrity, generosity, humility, and productivity, and let us focus on rebuilding and strengthening our families that are the bedrock for our future prosperity as a people.” End of quote.