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Drama Unfolds Over Sunday Lottery Draw

Confusion and drama dominated this past Sunday’s Lottery draw at the court house in Belize City. Police had to be called out to control the unruly crowd. The machine malfunctioned and those who were out there to see the draw demanded that all the numbers be re-drawn but when the supervisors did not, the crowd became a bit hostile. Lewin Samuels, the Secretary for the Lotteries Committee spoke to Love News.

LEWIN SAMUELS:  “I would advise anybody, especially if they go out there, this game is transparent and this is an unfortunate situation. They were witnesses there, they saw what happened so it was totally disorderly to step up and erase the number on the board. That was totally out of order and uncalled for. What was reported to me is that while doing the lottery game the second ball of the first prize did not pop as per normal during the first prize. When that happened the supervisor was advised not to cancel the numbers already drawn. Of the four numbers already drawn. Of the four numbers of the first prize three were drawn and the second ball did not pop. Reportedly the machine had a malfunction and we are currently investigating the reason why the machine malfunctioned on that second ball. A random ball was selected by just pulling the trap door. The reason why we did not replay that game is because we would disenfranchise anybody who had any of those numbers that were already drawn. It was nothing out of the norm, we didn’t see any discrepancy except that that one ball did not pop.”

According to Samuels this is not the first time this has occurred and they are investigating the matter.

LEWIN SAMUELS: Currently the Lottery Authority is investigating. I have consulted with the administrator who reported that he is in consultation with the manufacturer of that machine and therefore what is happening is that we may need for that machine to be replaced if they cannot find the reason why that ball malfunctioned so as not to have a repeat of this incident.”

Reporter: Is this the first time that this has occurred?

LEWIN SAMUELS:“Apparently it happened a couple weeks back and so like any new appliance there are those gray areas where something might happen that is the reason why the machine is on warranty so the manufacturer was consulted and it was suggested that if it cannot be repaired it will be replaced. So if the machine has not been replaced by the next weekend then they will use the pick two machines to play next Sunday’s lottery draw.”

The winning Lotto Numbers for this past Sunday are First prize – 4726, Second prize – 0553, Third prize – 9049…the winning single number is 26 and missing numbers are 1 and 8.