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Dredging Nowhere in Sight to Tackle Silt Buildup

Listeners might recall the story on the silt and sand build up in front of the Bliss Center for the Performing arts. While there may not have been complaints to the media from those who use the river mouth on a daily basis, we can tell you about some customers at the Port of Belize, who are making complaints about a similar issue. For some months now there has been a silt and clay built up in the low berthage area of the Belize Port Authority. This area is norm for customers who pay a fee to dock their barge, tugboat, or any other vessel. Love News spoke to some low berthage users, who told us that the silt built up has caused them to lose thousands of dollars due to damaged transmission on their boats. They spoke to us about making a number of complaints as far as six months ago and nothing has been done and it continues to cost them money.  Love News spoke to Arturo “Tux” Vazquez, Chief Executive Officer of Port of Belize who did confirm the silt build up. Vasquez said they have no contractor at the moment and he could not confirm when dredging will begin.