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Dredging the Silt at Southern Foreshore

The last update you heard of the buildup silt near the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts was that dredging seemed as if it had begun. However, the silt build up is still there and getting worse. The buildup is located directly between the Bliss and the Fort Street Tourist Village. Today we asked Minister of Tourism what was the latest on the dredging.


“I don’t know if they have started because as far as I’m concerned the go ahead has been given, I know that monies have been allocated and it is in conjunction with the village BTB and the government of Belize and in speaking with those investors there will be a lot of dredging to be done and if we cannot accomplish everything by then then it is our hope that from over there we can go a step further but definitely cabinet has given their blessing and I know that monies were allocated for that particular project.  I do not recall how much but sufficient to alleviate the problems that we have at this point.”

While Heredia was unable to give a figure of what it would cost to dredge the area, Belize City Mayor Bradley told us it would cost about two million dollars.