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Driver’s license will have a new look

The Taiwanese government has been assisting the Department of Transport in the upgrading of its driver’s license system. The four-year project dubbed “Belize Motor Vehicle Registration and License System” commenced in 2017.  It is in keeping with the government’s vision to utilize communication technology in order to promote e-government, which will allow for greater exchange of information among the various government departments. Yesterday, a ceremony was held to highlight the achievements of the project so far. At the ceremony, the Minister of Transport, Edmond Castro expressed gratitude on behalf of the Government of Belize for Taiwan’s assistance in bringing Belize’s driver’s license up to international standards.

Edmond Castro – Minister of Transport:“We are happy that Taiwan was able to play such a significant part in developing Belize’s infrastructure as it relates to the national driver’s license system. No longer our people will be embarrassed by traversing in other parts of the world with a driver’s license that can be manufactured by a fourth-grade student. I traversed the entire continent of the United States and most of the time our drivers will be able to tell you that with the old driver’s license they will tell you that this is not valid so bringing us on stream with the rest of the world that we now will be able to have an identification that yes you are a valid driver in Belize and the rest of the world can respect it is welcoming news for our country. As it relates to the registration of motor vehicles, there again our system was very loose, not one of the best but because Taiwan was able to facilitate us and bring us world-class status with technology we will be able to track motor vehicles entering into our country with proper identification whether they elude the authorities in customs and did not pay or whether they paid their fair share at the port of entry.”

The Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen expressed his delight over the collaboration between both countries on this project.

H.E. Remus Li-Kuo Chen – Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): “This project is a four-year joint partnership between Taiwan and Belize. An E-Governance with a budget of $2.8 million U.S. The goal is to provide time-saving, efficient and less costly E-Government services and transport for Belizean citizens. I am honored to announce that the above-mentioned goal has been so successfully achieved, we have established not only the motor vehicle services platform which is a centralized database as the Minister explained very well; I cannot do better than he has just done. With all these transportation data being used and integrated it will also improve your transport services to all Belizean people. Finally, I must say that as 2019 marks the auspicious thirty year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between our two countries, I would like to strongly reiterate our staunch support for the digital E-Government crusade initiated by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and of course being strongly supported and effectively implemented by the leaders such as Edmond Castro and many others.”

Motorists can also expect to see a difference in the certificate of registration and the license plate which will all have one standardized look.  However, motorist will still have another year to wait since it is expected to be rolled out at the end of the project in 2020.