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Drought Severely Impacting Belize

The northern region of Belize has been experiencing a drought over the past few months. Many citizens are concerned as they highly depend on the rain for various purposes. Love News reporter Naim Borges reached out the people of Orange Walk and filed this report.
Many citizens are being affected by the drought in the northern region of Belize. It is a serious cause for concern as farmers are reportedly being severely impacted. Farmers rely on the rain to water the soil and crops periodically, however with no rains over the past few months they must find other means of acquiring water. We went to Orange Walk to see what the conditions were for these farmers. Soil conditions are not favorable as a result of the drought impacting the northern region of Belize. Today we got in touch with some of the farmers who told us many of the challenges they face due to this phenomenon. 

Elijio Moh, Farmer

Elijio Moh, Farmer: “Mostly my farming is corn, planting corn that its what I do for a living for about three or four years. I shifted from other farming and it’s’ been about three of four years, I used to do a lot of cabbages and sweet peppers but every year things would get harder so I shifted to corn which is easier to do but now we are having a big problem because of the dry season so up to now I have some fields but I am in need of rain. We don’t have enough rain, last year at this time we had beautiful cornfields, we were harvesting big corn and everything and now we don’t have anything. We have some small fields but they can’t grow because we don’t have enough water. I have a pond that I made with the backhoe but now I need a bigger backhoe so I can make the pit deeper to get more water to have my felid grow again. So I don’t know how I’m going to solve it because we don’t see any chance of rain up to now. I check the weather channel every now and then and I see no hope of rain coming here to the north so I don’t know what is going to happen. Up to now I just have to wait and see. I’m expecting a backhoe to come maybe this coming Monday to see if I could dig the hole deeper so that I can get water to continue and see if I could make the other one that I have survive. If it doesn’t rain in two weeks time I might lose everything.”
Olegario Castillo, Farmer

Olegario Castillo, Farmer: “I  never used to plant corn I just did so this year because it’s easier and because the corn doesn’t require too much water, with a little bit of rain it will grow up.”
Farmers are forced to hold off on planting their crops due to the fear of losing them. Apart from the drought farmers are still faced with many other problems such as animals and pests destroying their crop as well as gathering finances for farming materials. They are also at a higher risk of contracting dengue as they catch and save water in barrels, buckets, and reservoirs which are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. However, the farmers say that there is nothing else that they can do because they must find aw way to save the crop because they must find a way to save the crops.
Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador are all being affected by the drought.  Of all countries, however, Belize is being impacted the most. It has been 87 days since the drought has started and July has been the driest month so far. /////