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Drowning Near Moho Caye

A terrible tragedy occurred off the coast of Belize City, near Moho Caye on Wednesday afternoon.  What should have been a straight forward towing of a vessel, resulted in the drowning of a Belize City carpenter.  Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino briefed the media on how the tragedy unfolded.

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City: “On the 1st of August sometime around 1:30pm police were called out to Dolphin Park. We were notified by Coast Guard personnel that they were in search of an individual who had submerged in the water somewhere near Moho Caye. They had retrieved the body of a male and had transported the body to the Dolphin Park. Police arrived at the scene and saw the body that was identified to be David Alamilla a 37 year old of Belama- he was lifeless. From what police understand Mr. Alamilla was in a vessel traveling to St.George’s Caye. It was two vessels, one was towing another vessel, the one that was being towed was carrying building materials. The vessel that was being towed started to take in water and as a result Mr.Michael Ingram jumped into the other vessel and attempted to bail out the water from that vessel; he was unsuccessful and as a result one Mr.Andrew Milton and Mr. Alamilla jumped in to assist him. What we were made to understand is that Mr. Alamilla is asthmatic and may have had an attack and that may have contributed to him going under water. The body was retrieved and we did not observe any signs of violence on the body and the post mortem examination is scheduled.”