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Drugs, Prohibited Ammunition and Loaded Firearm Found on Unity Street

On Monday evening, the Anti-Narcotics Unit conducted an operation in Orange Walk Town where more than one hundred and fifty rounds of ammunition was confiscated. The unit conducted a search at a house on Unity Street. When the officers approached the house, they saw a man and a woman running out from the back of the house. Officers set chase and caught them. They have been identified as 57-year-old Jorge Enrique Leiva and 24-year-old Larissa Karel Zetina. Both Zetina and Leiva are of the same address. Both Zetina and Leiva were in possession of bags. In the bag that Leiva was carrying, officers found an AR 15 rifle; while in the bag that Zetina was carrying, police found four magazines, one of which was loaded with point two two three ammunition and the other three empty. In the house officers found forty nine point two two three rounds of ammunition and fifty seven point six two live rounds of ammunition along with a black rifle scope. Officers also found two hundred and five grams of marijuana. Both Leiva and Zetina were arrested and charged for Possession of a Controlled Drug with intent to supply, Kept ammunition without a gun license and prohibited ammunition. Leiva was additionally charged with Kept firearm without a gun license.