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Drunk Cop faces disciplinary measures

A police officer identified as PC Borland was suspected to be drunk outside A & R in the Corozal Free Zone. Borland, who is attached to the Corozal formation was apparently seen moving in and out of consciousness and without his uniform shirt.  The Head of the National Criminal Information Branch, Joseph Myvett addressed the shirtless cop scenario at Monday’s press briefing.

ACP Joseph Myvette: There was some information circulating on the social media with a Police Officer who was identified as PC  Borland who was dressed only in Police trousers . As a result he was detained and taken to the Corozal Police station where he was served with disciplinary charges for which he will make an appearance tomorrow.”

Reporter: “ Okay was he on duty”?

ACP Joseph Myvette: “ No he was not. He is assigned to the border but at that point in time he was not on duty, he had already reported off duty.”

Reporter: “ Okay so has he accounted for his shirt.”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “ At this point in time he was not given that information other than to say that he will be brought before that tribunal tomorrow.”

Though ACP Myvett said the issue would be dealt with today, there has been no official police response as to whether help would be given to the officer for a drinking problem or what disciplinary measures were taken against officer Borland.