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Duck lane renovated as part of CITCO’s manifesto

Duck lane in Belize City has been completely renovated by the Belize City Council. An official ceremony was held this morning to debut the fifty-thousand-dollar project. Love News spoke to Mayor Bernard Wagner on this latest project.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:This street has been an area where a lot of the Dalla Vans community uses this area here to traffic and load and unload passengers from all over the other south side part of the city and it has been a deplorable condition for years . Again we are about the people and we felt compelled to ensure that w’re able to pave this street, cement it so that it’s easily accessible and gives a smooth ride for those pedestrians trafficking along with the Dalla Vans. And so it’s essentially quality of life safety of residents again, smoother ride that is all in what we perceive this project to be. As you know that we had been saying in the media for some time that we will do some number of streets. It has been slowed down significantly due to COVID but we have never stopped doing streets we have done over twenty five streets and we continue to do streets. You see the Yabra, you see the Tigris Street, you see Raccoon, Nurse C, all of those streets have been rehabilitated. We want to do this street right along this stretch by Church Street behind Publics- horrible condition it has been there for years nobody spoke about it but we’re a council and we take it as it comes. We know that that street there will be commencing very shortly Church Street behind publics. We have many other streets on the pipeline Manatee Drive that is starting right now but the thing I want to continue to reiterate is that we’re in a COVID situation and if a council could maintain the salary of it’s staff and still do infrastructure works that speaks a lot for the financial position of this council and I will continue to harp it that we do not have the resources the other council had you can’t be comparing two years and twelve years that’s like 15% of the time that previous council was in play but let’s be real and be fair give us due course that if we’re given twelve years man you would see the significant changes in this city. And if given the opportunity like the previous council had with receiving over $40 million from government then imagine me having $40 million to work with this place would be a modern city.”

The Belize City Council election is still some time away.  According to the Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner noted that they have been progressing well in office and have achieved at least eighty percent of their manifesto.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “The projects we believe based on our manifesto we have done about 80-90% of our manifesto. I haven’t even shown you the area in respect to the London Bridges in Gungulung where we have totally eliminated London Bridges and I’ll take you there one of these days. When we campaigned in that area in the Gungulung in 2018 we walked on half a mile of London Bridges; those London Bridges have been torn away. People now walk on streets. It may not be cement streets but the people in the neighborhood appreciated that they now have a clay street with hardcore material on it so that they can access their homes and it’s a better quality of life for those people. When I walk in Gungulung and I heard the comments that those people speak to us and say “Mayor we feel so good that our kids are able to ride their bike on the streets.”, access their homes, coming in at night time they don’t have to be walking on these long London Bridges I want to invite you all sometime next week and we’ll show you that project that we’ve done but we haven’t said anything about it but I want to show you that to show you that we in our manifesto said that we would eliminate London Bridges and we’re well on our way to eliminate it.”