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Duo to Be Charged or Ever Miranda’s Murder

Last night San Ignacio Police had four persons detained for the death of a resident of Duck Run Two, a community in the Spanish Lookout area in the Cayo District.  The victim, 37-year-old, Ever Miranda of Duck Run Two in the Cayo District was killed sometime around four o’clock on Sunday morning.  Circumstances leading to the murder of Miranda began unfolding in Unitedville Village as explained by an eyewitness who was with Miranda at the time.


“We were alright and those guys tried to find trouble with my friend and then we came and we didn’t see that they followed us. They came out with the gun and shot him.


“The guy that shot him said “So you think you’re better than me? ” and then bang, he shot him.”


“He took out his gun and shot him.”


Love News understands that Miranda was chopped to the head and shot to the chest.  Of the four persons the police had detained, they will be charging two for Miranda’s murder.  Those charges are expected to be laid on Tuesday morning in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court.