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Duo Wanted for Robbery at Coffee House

Police in San Ignacio are seeking two men following the report of a robbery at Vivian’s Coffee House on Joseph Andrews Drive in that municipality.  The robbers managed to net more than one thousand dollars in cash and items. Fortunately no one was hurt in the process but investigators are having trouble tracking down the thieves. Deputy Commanding Officer, Inspector Rerymundo Reyes, gave us more details.


“Yesterday the 9th of November sometime around 7:45pm the cashier for Vivian’s Coffee House located on Joseph Andrews Drive reported that whilst inside the establishment with another coworker they were accosted by two masked male persons of dark complexion; one armed with a firearm which appears to be a 9mm pistol and the other just made his way towards the cashier itself where he took the sum of $800 in cash and the coworker was robbed of two gold rings, an apple iPad all to a total of $1,500. The individuals made good their escape from the area. Three houses from this establishment we have a Chinese store who is maned by a security guard who is also armed with a firearm so we could notice that person who committed this crime were people who were monitoring the movements of the customers inside the establishment. Fortunately at that moment there were only two persons inside the establishment, the cashier and the coworker. It appears that the flow of people around the area was low, they barely had people walking around the area so it was just an opportunity that these persons took to rob the establishment. At this moment we are looking around the area to see if we could get any vital information; as for the moment we do not have any suspect but we believe the persons who committed this robbery are people that might not be from our area of responsibility it might be people who are in transit from one district to the other.”

The men escaped on foot.