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Dwayne Cummings gunned down in Orange Walk Town

An entire community is in mourning after 20-year-old, Dwayne Cummings was gunned down on Saturday night in Orange Walk Town. In a Town where most of the recent gun related deaths are linked to an ongoing gang warfare, Police and no one who knew Cummings believe his murder was gang related. Cummings was last seen Saturday night at an NEBL Basketball tournament match between the Orange Walk Running Rebels and the Dangriga Dream Ballers. News of his untimely demise spread rapidly early Sunday morning, leaving a trail of sorrow not only within his immediate family, but also within his extended basketball family, school, and ultimately, an entire community – all who now seek answers. Reporter Dalila Ical has more on this story.

Gilbert Cummings: “Excellent student, excellent young man and terrific basketball player. He was a promising young man and almost finishing up at UB and he recently got a job at the Sports Council as well so he was a promising you man. He had his life ahead of him.

Dalila Ical: “With so much going for him Gilbert Cummings,  uncle to Dwayne Cummings and the rest of the family would never suspect the 20 year old would be found dead on Sunday morning. Dwayne had been shot once to the head. Police found his body along San Martin’s Street, a few blocks away from his mother’s house. He was last seen alive at the Orange Walk Sports Complex during an NEBL Basketball match in which his team the Orange Walk Running Rebels went up against the Dangriga Dream Ballers. Ladrick Shepard Councillor responsible for sports at the Orange Walk Town Council personally introduced the team at the match.

Ladrick Shepard Councillor Responsible for Sports: “I called his name #10 Dwayne Cummings. That is his name and that is what I do. He was right there sitting on the bench. I was wondering why the coach did not put him in the game and also I was wondering in an interview with Shepard we were asking how come the coach did not put Dwayne to play this game because Dwayne is an excellent 3 pt shooter and Dwayne can slide and go to the rim fast but he didn’t play and then after the game was finished I glanced at him and told him good game and you can see he was kind of upset for not going in the game. We had a couple words afterwards and we left the game and then I got a word from some of the friends that told me he was there still yet and that he was still upset that he didn’t play and he said he was going to take a walk home. He had on his headphones and a plate of food in his hand and the guy was running a joke to give him the food and he said no that he was going to take his time and walk home. He was offering a drop as well to go home but he refused the drop.”

Dalila Ical: His sister Deja Cummings last saw him on Saturday morning but did not attend his basketball match however she also understands that Dwayne had opted to walk home alone. “

Deja Cummings: “That night he didn’t leave with his girlfriend. He told his girlfriend to go ahead and that he was going to shoot some more shots so he didn’t leave with his girlfriend that night.”

Dalila Ical: “Is that is something that he would usually do?”
Deja Cummings: “Yes because he always wanted to better himself at the game because it was something he loved and had a strong passion for.”

Dalilah Ical: “And he had no reason to be afraid for his safety?”

Deja Cummings: “That is the reason he was walking alone because he does it every time because has no fear for any one. He always walked late nights.”

Dalilah Ical: “Dwayne lived with his mother but for the last two weeks he had been staying at his Step-Father’s house in San Lorenzo Housing Site. Nothing out of the ordinary for a young man who we are told enjoyed a healthy relationship with his father. However his body was found in an area that seemed to be an unusual route to either home.”

Gilbert Cummings: “Well as far as I know he doesn’t usually take that route. Normally he takes another route to go home because it is a route that not alot of people would take at that time in the night so I am really not sure what happened.”

Dalila Ical: “ His untimely demise continues to puzzle and entire community. His family is devastated but so are his teammates says Running Rebels CEO, Raul Rosado.”

Raul Rosado CEO Running Rebels: “We are broken, we are very hurt with what has happened. We are puzzled and we have so many questions and no answers so just trying to understand what happened and why it happened to Dwayne. Like I said he was promising young man.”

Gilbert Cummings: “As far as we know he had no issues with anyone. We are cognizant that sometimes things happen and we are not aware but to my knowledge and to the knowledge of my sister he didn’t have any trouble with anyone so again like I said we won’t close our minds to possibilities but as far as we know Dwayne was someone that troubled no one.

Deja Cummings: “I really don’t understand what happened. I don’t know who would want to hurt my brother. He is the most loving person I know on this earth. He never got into problem with anyone so I don’t know who would want to hurt him. The only thing I can think about is jealousy and someone envious because he doesn’t have problem with anyone so it is shocking still as to what happened.

Raul Rosado CEO Running Rebels: “From what I know of him no. He was not involved in anything like that. He played sports, tried to do the right thing, always humble. To be honest I didn’t even know him to be one that would go out and party and drink or anything like that to say that he would keep any company like that and I guessed that is why it is so shocking to hear that this incident happened.”

Dalila Ical: “And from all accounts Dwayne Cummings’ death is a loss for the Orange Walk community.”

Raul Rosado CEO Running Rebels: “ He had ambition, he had commitment, he was very disciplined and it reflected both on the court and off the court. He was just that type of person, that type of good young man.”

Deja Cummings: “I don’t understand. I just feel like they took chance of my brother because he was really an innocent person. He was always smiling, never angry with anyone and every time he came home for lunch to eat we would have lunch together and just last week our family sat around the table and he was telling us about his dreams that he wanted to buy a car and he wanted to build a house so he already had big ambitions and was planning out his life at such a young age so that is what really hurt me the most.”

Gilbert Cummings: “It is a devastating loss for us. We are all broken. I guess we need to find the strength to move forward.

Dalila Ical Love News.