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Dwight Gillett: winner of History & Social Studies Competition

Dwight Gillett of Holy Redeemer Primary School is the winner of the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project’s History and Social Studies competition. Second place went to Tyrone McKoy of St. Ignatius School and third place went to Essence Anderson of Bernice Yorke Institute. A total of fifteen schools participated in the quiz competition with questions based on the history of Belize. Love news spoke with Albert Avila, Community Liaison Officer for the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project who said this year makes the third year that they are holding the competition.

Albert Avila – Community Liaison Officer, Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project: “The accuracy is like 95% so they knew most or all of those questions and a lot of the schools do their own little competition to decide which student will perform for them and during the competition we had something like 1200 students from the schools who are in the audience who are actually sitting down there and they are hearing the questions and they are seeing the answers. The first place contestant won a laptop, a printer, a phone tablet, $500 gift certificate  and that contestant had all his answers correct and he got the most points which is Mr. Dwight Gillet so he also got another gift certificate for $200. The second prize was a laptop, a printer and $400 gift certificate, the third prize was laptop, a printer and $200 gift certificate.

The media got the reactions of the first and second place winners.

Dwight Gillet: “Right now I feel great that I won some amazing prizes and I can’t wait until tonight to get treated.

Reporter: “How did you prepare for this competition?”

Dwight Gillet: “Most of the time I would take along while but then as soon as I further progress and know more of the answers I started going shorter but looks like it paid off now. I learned alot about Belize and I can’t wait to tell my sister that I won.

Tyrone Mckoy: “Seeing how this is my first time in any official competition and so I am not that sad. I studied hard and it paid off because I know I have great potential and when I put my mind to something  I can do it.”

The students had to study three hundred and ten questions.