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Eamon vs Barrow: Who Wronged Belize?

On Wednesday the United Democratic Party called for the removal of Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay as a Senator. This after they say Courtenay’s action is an outright betrayal of Belize’s national interests and comes in extreme conflict with the Senatorial seat he holds. This stems from the fact that Courtenay in his capacity as attorney for the Ashcroft Alliance is seeking to strike down the two pieces of legislation that the Government recently passed to safeguard Belize’s foreign assets. Yesterday, the People’s United Party issued a release in full support of Courtenay, not only applauding the work he has been doing as a Senator but also accusing the Barrow administration of continued corruption.  Today the Government once again fired back, demanding Courtenay’s removal; pointing out that Courtenay abandoned his senatorial duties on Wednesday to travel to Washington to represent the Ashcroft Alliance in a case against Belize. This case involves the Government guarantee of a loan by Universal Health Services Hospital from the Belize Bank. Courtenay has responded to the Government’s release by saying quote “The Prime Minister’s verbose release failed to mention that when this arbitration was taking place, the Government of Belize did not defend Belize. They did not fight the case. This is misfeasance in office and dereliction of duty. The Prime Minister must take responsibility for his failing to perform his duty and will be held accountable.” End of quote.