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Eamon Welcomes Penner to the Senate Inquiry

Elvin Penner will sit before the senate to speak on his role in the Won Hong Kim passport scandal. Love News understands that is what is expected to happen at the senate hearing next week. In an interview with Senator Eamon Courtenay, he said that while he has not spoken to Elvin Penner, he does hope he shows up as there is a lot he can clear up on that matter.


“I have not spoken to Mr.Penner. I understand for quite some time he has volunteered to persons that he wants to come before the senate committee and that he is quite anxious to come and tell his side of the story. I think Mr.Penner is going to be a very important witness. He is not only going to be called upon to explain his role in the Wong Hong Kim matter but his role as an area representative , his role as a minister with responsibility for immigration, his role with the carting away of boxes the illegal, in my view, illegal granting of nationality to many persons who still l remain on the register, we have pictures of him actually doing it along with his cohorts so it seems to me that Mr.Penner will be there for quite a while to explain and I am happy to hear that he is coming with a full desire to speak frankly, openly and truthfully so that we can really get to the bottom of this so that we can find out how much money Wong Hong Kim paid, we can find out the true role of people like Mr.Eric Chang in this. Mr.Penner will have a lot to say and as the chairman of the committee said under the pain of perjury he will have many questions to answer and I hope he is ready.”

Former Minister of State and former Cayo Northeast area representative, Elvin Penner was fired from Cabinet for his involvement in the issuance of a fraudulent Belizean passport to South Korean national, Won Hong Kim, who was in a Taiwanese prison at the time and who had never visited Belize.