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Eamon’s Flight to DC

In its February 10 press release, the Government of Belize said that PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay aborted the Senate Inquiry to go to Washington DC for a case against Belize. According to GOB the case was in relations to the Universal Health Services (UHS) hospital loan agreed to by the then PUP government. In the release, the Government states quote, “Senator Courtenay easily and willingly cast aside his Senatorial obligations. He left Wednesday’s session of the Special Senate inquiry prematurely, long before the most important witnesses could be heard, so that he could depart to Washington in the service of the Ashcroft Alliance.” Courtenay explained why he left to DC last week Wednesday before the Senate hearing had concluded.


“Yes he said that I abandoned the senate hearings, how amusing. Lets again deal with that right? First of all I am not an attorney qualified to practice in the United States lets start right there so I don’t go there to practice and represent anyone. For years now, for years I have been travelling for clients who have matters in Belize and in other jurisdictions not only the United States and in order to consult with lawyers go and listen to cases that are taking place. This particular one had to do with the UHS award, it was an appeal by the government of Belize and I went to listen to it because Belize Bank has an appeal in the court of appeals over the same award and so I go just like their lawyers come down sometimes when there are matters here, listen to what is happening exchange notes and see what is happening. Absolutely nothing strange so that is what I went to do. I want to go further they have said that I abandoned the senate to go and do that I went to the senate for as long as I could and then I left. Why? I had already spoken to other senators and we discussed the questions we were going to ask, the questions that they were going to ask and you can see how long and extensive it was. Let me say this, we have Ms.Marin the former director who is going to come back, we have the auditor general who is going to be called back, we have Mr.Wade who is going to come back and based on information that has been leaked to us since last week Wednesday obviously Ms.Saldivar Morter is going to have to come back. So there was no problem in me leaving, the questions were put there to her and we have the right to call her back and I more than likely am going to call her back and ask the committee to bring her back so that we can put further questions to her. So I left satisfied that my other senate colleagues had sufficient questions to ask her, we get the transcript of those proceedings and if there is any issue that we think needs clarified we ask for documents and also the witnesses to come back so my travelling on that day has absolutely no problem and no prejudice and I was doing what I was required to do, attend when I can.”