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Early morning brawl leaves one man dead and another hospitalized

Joel Bishop and Mark Benguche, were reportedly socializing at the BTL Park when upon leaving, they were attacked by several men. Twenty two year old Mark Benguche, received a cut wound to the left cheek and Joel Bishop was seen lying on the street wounded. Assistant Commissioner of Police Deseree Phillips updated the media.

ACP Deseree Philips

We are here to briefly give an update in regard to two incidents that occurred on the

north division, the first has to do with an incident that occurred on Saturday August 15th shortly after 3am. Police responded to a call in regard to a fight in the Newtown Barracks area where several persons were observed with varied degrees of injuries. One person was lying on the ground as a result of that fight. Reportedly a vehicle sped off from that area and ran over this person that was lying on the ground. Of the five persons that were injured one is Joel Bishop and he suffered head and body injuries. All persons were transported to the KHMH. Some nine hours after Joel Bishop succumbed to his injuries. With regard to this incident we have launched both a criminal and a traffic investigation that runs parallel to each other in an effort to determine exactly not only what transpired but the cause of death.”

 Police says that the victims are alleging that they do not know who attacked them. New strategies have been put in place by Police since the September festivities are about to begin, ACP Phillips, asked the public to be patient with officers.

ACP Deseree Philips

“We have entered into the September Celebrations festivities and of course majority of the activities occur here on the North Side. So we have not only since this weekend but we have prior to increase police presence in different areas that we believe are areas that will be affected by crime. As a matter of fact you will see if you go around the city we have mounted vehicular checkpoints at the northern approach of the four bridges and that is one of the strategies that we have put in place. I just want to ask the general public to be patient with us as we know they may well be complaints coming of being held up at these checkpoints by officers but I want to ask the general public and motorists to be patient with us.”