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Early Morning Murder – Robbery or Jealousy?

A resident of Ladyville Village, Belize District is dead and the family is in mourning as they prepare to put their family member to rest.  25-year-old, Ervin Osbert Franklin met his death in the wee hours of Saturday morning after a night of socializing.  Investigators are saying that the motive may be connected to a young woman and jealousy.  Love News spoke with Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, who is the Rural Executive Officer in that area.


“The Ladyville Precinct of the Rural Eastern Division Police Department is looking into a murder which occurred at Lord’s Bank on Saturday morning. The victim was one Ervin Franklyn who received to stab wounds, one to his back and one to his arm pit. Apparently he was engaged in an altercation with a couple other young men over a female. He was rushed to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. We have two suspects already in custody, one who was given a caution statement and we have recorded other statements from other eyewitnesses in this matter. The two individuals should be charged sometime later today or tomorrow.

Franklin, who lived in the Lords Bank Area was found in an upright position in a drain near a curve on Edwin Parks Avenue just across from the Ramos Bus Depot.  Ramos told us how he found out what had happened.


“At about a quarter to four I woke up; that is my time I come out to check the business.  I’m an early sleeper so I wake up really early. When I came out I saw a yellow tape across the street and I also saw about five or six police with some big lights spotting around. I came out to find out what really happened and they said that I couldn’t pass because it was a crime scene. I told them that I have my business over there and they said that it’s a crime scene. So I went all the way around and I went to check that everyone from my family is okay and since that I came out and tried asking who it was and after the police processed the crime scene I went to look at the person and I knew that it was Irvin. Last night I met him by “Friendship” restaurant and him and I had a little talk and when I was heading up he told me that he would stay a little while and I came home to sleep so it was surprising that the same man I talked to last night was dead this morning laid out in the drain.”

While investigators have told us that the possible motive was jealousy over a female, a neighbour and businessman of the area, Bert Ramos told Love News that the word on the street is that the motive may have been robbery.


“Well according to the talk that is going around is that he left the bar with a young lady and some people are saying that it is robbery I don’t know. Some people are even saying that it’s a lover’s affair but I don’t know what to say because I had always heard of Irvin with the same young lady more than one time weeks after weeks they would hang out so I don’t really know what caused it but the police are investigating.”

Ramos says that Franklin was known in the neighbourhood for many years and that it is indeed an unfortunate situation that the horrible incident occurred in his neighbourhood.


“Well to tell you the truth I know the guy from when he was a small baby and I had never known him to be a trouble maker to look for problems or things like that. Sometimes he would take a drink and maybe hi and one of this friends would get into an argument and as easy as that they would argue and then they would get back together drink and talk again but he was not a troublemaker who looked for problems. It was really shocking to me and like I always say Lord’s Bank is one of the most peaceful areas I have ever lived in so when this happened it really touched me and I know it touched everybody around because it’s not something that we are looking forward to see when you wake up in the morning to see a dead body on the ground. It’s really touching, it hurts even if it’s not my family but it hurts to know that someone got injured right in front of my place.”

A post mortem examination was conducted today on Franklin.  Two men will be taken to court on Wednesday and will be charged with murder.