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Early Morning Stabbing Proves Fatal

Sometime around 2:30 this morning, forty five year old Lindbert Brown of Amara Avenue in Belize City was fatally stabbed. It happened in an area the neighborhood calls far west street during an altercation. According to reports, Brown had gone to visit a female friend when he and his attacker met. A relative of Brown that resides in the same yard told Love News she was coming from the market when she got the news.


“This morning I was waiting for him. He told me last night that he was going to bed, this was around nine after the Boledo had played and he told me that he was going to sleep. My daughter sent him after 10pm to buy a chicken. He came back and said that he was going to his bed but I don’t know if he did. This morning we were waiting for him and hollering for him but we didn’t hear anything. They came around, I don’t remember at what time, a young man came and told us that he was dead. I went out and when I did Ms.Linda told us that they killed Lindy. She said that they stabbed him on Far West Street and that the blood was still on the ground. She said that they took him to the hospital but he died.”

Not much is known of what really occurred, but the relative told us off camera that both men were friends of the female and they met each other at the same location that morning. His relative says that he never spoke about having enemies.


He doesn’t beef with anyone. It’s just due to the girl. He is a person that doesn’t mess around like that but he likes girls.”

Reports from the police are that Brown allegedly attacked the female friend with a broken bottle which was then taken away from him and then he was stabbed.