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Earth Journalism Network hosts workshop for local journalists

The Earth Journalism Network is an organization comprised of over nine thousand journalists from around the world. The organization host trainings and issue grants to assist journalists improve their coverage of environmental issues. This weekend Earth Journalism Network was in Belize hosting a workshop and a field trip for local journalist. James Fahn, the Executive Director of Earth Journalism Network shared with us the reason for coming to Belize.  
James Fahn – Executive Director of Earth Journalism Network: “We are currently supporting a project to improve coverage of the Mesoamerican reef. Obviously Belize is an important country for maintaining the reef and as you know it is the world’s second-longest Barrier Reef and it is a really important resource not just for Belize but for the world so we just thought it was important that we work together with Belizean journalists and we learned from each other about how we can improve coverage of not just the reef but of coastal resources, coastal management, tourism management and all of the things that go into sustainably managing the reef for the long term. We want to see more stories produced about the reef and better stories produced. We are also kind of preparing journalists I think for the release of the Healthy Reefs report card that will be coming out hopefully in a couple of months.That updates everyone about the status of the reef and how well it is doing in certain areas.”
Fahn added that his organization has been able to exposed wildlife smuggling rings and polluting factories among other problems which threatened the environment.