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Eastern Division South Takes On A Different Anti-Crime Strategy

Under the leadership of Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, a special event took place in the Mayflower area yesterday. Douglas Hyde of the Police’s Public Relations Department explained.


“Yesterday the Police Department, specifically Eastern Division South collaborated with the Mayflower community which was a  really awesome experience.  We had a family sports day. We started at around 9:30am and finished around 4:30pm with the police officers along with the community members.  We did a barbecue for them along with other things to eat and drink but the highlight of the day was the sports. We had a football marathon where four groups from the community participated in the tournament and it was really awesome, it was almost 15 guys per team. The winner of the game was Ebony Street who came in first; second place was the Lakeview and the third and fourth place  were Bailar and Mayflower. Almost 200 people showed up and persons expressed their gratitude but also expressed that we need to do more activities like this with police and the community in that area but also other areas likewise.”

Dianne Finnegan from the Youth Apprenticeship Program was also a part of the initiative.


“Well it was quite an honor that Chester invited me to shoulder with him and to be a part of working on trying to make a positive difference and a positive spin to the lifestyle that these communities were used to, what is the norm for them. I continue to say that when there is positive influence it won’t happen overnight but what is necessary is for all to be on the same page to speak the same language and for the individuals that are involved understand their own purpose, their own strengths; the importance and value they have within our nation.”

Mayflower Event 1Hyde said it is important that the initiative be spread out to other areas within the city.