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Economic Development Team for the PUP

John Briceno is thirty two days into his leadership of the People’s United Party and since then we have told you of the tour of the thirty one electoral divisions that he has embarked on.  We have told you of the three new Senators to be nominated as well as the ongoing restructuring of the Party’s Secretariat.  In a recent interview with Briceno, he also spoke of several committees that are being put together to address and tackle certain issues; one of those teams is the Team for Economic Development.


“What we are going to put together is an economic team of advisors and that team is going to be setting up subcommittees and agriculture is certainly going to be one of them. I’ve already asked Honorable Abelardo Mai to lead us when it comes to the issue of agriculture. He has the experience and the expertise and training, he understands it well. He was on Love FM yesterday to talk about the different challenges.”

The team for economic development will be tasked to explore options and propose efforts that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the country either through the creation or retaining of jobs, the growth of the tax base and incomes.