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Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde: Who Butchered These Men?

Belmopan Police have three persons detained for questioning following the discovery of two bodies this week.  No one has been charged as yet however according to the officer in charge of Belmopan the investigation is ongoing.  He spoke with our correspondent Fem Cruz.


“Officer in Command Belmopan Branch Superintendent Howell Gillett is appealing to the people of Cayo South to join hands with them in fighting the knife, machete and gun violence that are plaguing our community especially our village Roaring Creek. Love News spoke to Superintendent Gillett about the recent bodies that were found butchered, Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde.”


“The progress of the investigation is very encouraging. What the evidence leads us to believe is that both of the incidents are correlated I do not care to comment on the specificities of the case as we are aggressively investigating. We have three persons in custody who we have been interviewing but attendant to that, we have increased our police presence in the affected areas, we have a 24 hour policing services being offered to Roaring Creek and the 12 other surrounding villages, we have strategically placed our checkpoints. We are in the process of forming a neighborhood watch group in Roaring Creek and we have introduced the Citizens on Patrol program to Roaring Creek. We have been meeting with key stake holders which include but are not limited to spiritual leaders, senior community members and the PTA of the schools. We’ve had constant operations targeting key players in the Roaring Creek area. We are in the process of dialoguing with the business community with the view of having the young people acquire skills for possible employment. We are trying to partner with Human Development to offer parental support as parenting skills is one of the flaws that we have uncovered thus far. The other thing we are doing is that we are doing more involvement in the schools; police officers going to the schools to participate in most of the activities – this is in an effort to target the young kids who might be vulnerable to what is now occurring.”

According to Gillett, a post mortem on Hyde’s body was conducted yesterday.