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Edmond Castro Says Patrick Faber is a Unfit Leader

While those are the former Belmopan Mayor’s views, a political colleague of both Saldivar and Faber had a mouthful to say about the state of play in the UDP. Our newsroom also spoke to former Transport Minister Edmond Castro. He was neither optimistic nor enthusiastic about Faber’s ability to get the Opposition on the right footing.

Dale McDougall, News Editor:  You’ve said that you consider Patrick Faber your friend but you don’t think that he’s the right person to lead the party into the next generation how did you arrive at that conclusion ? 

Emdond Castro, Former Minister of Transport: “Man, if you’re the party leader, Prime Minister in waiting and you can’t seem to get the financing in order to run the organization then I think you have a lee deficiency and I think beyond that now that we went through that process we lost the election brother Faber didn’t really do anything in eight months going on nine months to bring us to the table and vibes with us hence the reason why we sat down and met with Honorable John Saldivar and we sat down and we tried because we are UDP tried to chart the way forward. So if brother Faber can’t get it together then like what I had said in a previous interview then maybe he should consider step aside and try to get somebody else to do that kind of work for the time being or restructure himself and say you know what I’m not good in raising money let me find somebody that is good on raising money because no organization can run without finances and no organization can run if you’re not having meetings. You need to meet with your people regularly so that you could come up with good ideas so that we can move forward and what I had said in a previous interview no organization could function if you’re not having meetings. The church won’t function right if nobody knows what the leadership of the church is on and what direction they’re going. We don’t even know if they need to do a little fundraising , you meet with your people and if it’s fundraising the congregation will come together and do a little fund raiser but if you’re not meeting with them and you’re not talking with them they don’t know how to help, they don’t know how to chip in so he needs to get his act together and meet with us and so that we can reunite this great United Democratic Party.”

Castro also spoke candidly about the party’s political timeline into the run-up of the November election. News Editor Dale McDougall also asked him if Faber was really given a chance to lead in those few months.

Dale McDougall, News Editor:  How do you respond to the criticism that perhaps Faber really wasn’t given a chance to lead this thing. He became the party leader, well there was a very divisive convention nine months before a general election in 2020 it was sort of botched by the Lev Dermen thing, John Saldivar was out in seventy two hours, we went to a convention again in July Faber won by nineteen votes and then between July and November which is a window of about four months somebody who had just taken over the reins of the party was expected to send the UDP to a fourth consecutive term and then we’re eight months into this new administration, eight months that the UDP has been in opposition some might argue that that’s not substantial amount of time to get things together. How would you respond to that ? 

Emdond Castro, Former Minister of Transport: “I think we should never had a second convention. Honorable John Saldivar had won the thing leave him with it and I said this to him as well leave him with it if John doesn’t make it then it’s your turn papa. But when you go and tear down the next brethren same knife stick sheep stick goat. And then now none of them didn’t get it. You know if he left John with it and supported John as a true brethren the result probably would have been a little bit different. I’m not saying we would have won but it would have been that maybe a little bit different even if we lost you could have said ‘Papa remember when we had that good agreement that if you don’t make it, if you didn’t pull it off then it would be my turn.’ Now the situation is bad there’s a lot of divisiveness and I think only Faber can ease that pressure because one you can’t ease the pressure if you’re not meeting with your people and it boils right down to meet with your people Faber, hear what are their concerns, reason with them and if you don’t do that then you can’t lead.”

We continue to follow these political developments.