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Edmund Castro speaks of ongoing works in Belize Rural North

The old Northern Road is getting major upgrades. Love News spoke today with area representative, Edmond Castro who told us more about the works.

Edmund Castro – Area Representative, Belize Rural North

“”We are on the second phase of the hot mix project. We have completed the first five miles out of the Petro Caribe funds and we are in the second phase which we will be completing the next seven miles which will take us on or around Kings College so total we are doing around 12 miles in the second phase. This I can say is out of the Petro Caribe funds, we are paving the old Northern Highway. The last time this was paved was some maybe thirty years ago and the width as not this, it was about twelve to fourteen feet wide and as we proceed you will see some of the other areas on the old Northern Highway here the actual width of the road so this what we are getting is really first class. So the people not just the residents of Maskall and the eight villages through here but also the farmers, it’s good for tourism, a variety of industry along the old Northern Highway so we are very happy and we are thankful to the Prime Minister and the government of Belize and thanks to Hugo we are having on the of the best highways in the country.”

As well, not only upgrading the old northern highway, but also the streets in Maskal Village is also receiving upgraded streets, which is the most populated village in the area.

Edmund Castro – Area Representative, Belize Rural North

“Currently we are paving the street, most of the main streets in Maskall we are dealing with that and as soon as we are finished with that project within the next two to three weeks we will be moving in the sand hill area where we will be paving Maxboro boulevard in the circuit in the New Site and deal with infrastructure projects in those areas there and then we move to Burrell Boom to try and pave some of the streets in Burrell Boom and Fresh Pond area so throughout not just the old road, Sandhill, Belize River Valley, every area in the constituency is getting a touch. We recently completed the raising part of the causeway in Crooked Tree. You notice every time we had flood the cause way is covered and the residents have to be using boats to get to and from Crooked Tree which ended up in an accidental death last year so we are hoping to eliminate that situation there so we raised the cause way some five feet in Crooked Tree so we should see some improvement there.”

Aside from ongoing street works, Castro said he managed to provide homes to eight families whose homes were destroyed in a freak storm last year.