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Education CEO Says Strict COVID-19 Guidelines will Lessen Transmission in Schools

In schools that return to hybrid learning in October, the infection rate was relatively low. According to the CEO in the Ministry of Education, Dian Maheia, less than fifteen percent of teachers had COVID-19. There was also low in-school transmission and CEO Maheia says that was because those institutions followed the protocols strictly.

Dian Mahaeia, CEO, Ministry of Education: “I mentioned that we had 97 schools who had returned between October and December. So we tracked COVID cases in those schools and it’s interesting for us- it was interesting to us and it might be interesting to you since you like data too, we have about 900 teachers who are engaged in hybrid learning in that period. Of the 900 teachers according to the data that we got we had 133 of them who had COVID so it amounted to like 14.7%. We had about 7000 students who were engaged in hybrid learning so they’re coming to school for some period of time in the week and of the 7000 students we had 145 who got COVID and that’s a 2.1%. So we monitored this really closely, we tracked this data and what we realized is that what the data was showing that we got from the Ministry of Health and Wellness was that these cases seemed to for the most part come from outside the school. There wasn’t any indication of any major in-school transmission, what we saw was that within the schools that the protocols were being followed, the masks were staying on, the social distancing that was in place was working, the hand washing and the sanitizing was working. So really pandemic life is always new. We can’t predict what will happen but we have to make the best decisions that we can given the information that we have and given the information that we have we believe that the data is supporting the fact that we can return safely.”