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Education CEO Says the Effects of COVID-19 on Education Will Carry on for Years

It has been over eighteen months since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced our children out of the classroom and into online education. According to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education Dian Maheia, the effects of children being out of school will carry on for years to come. According to Maheia, students who were already struggling have fallen behind even more than the ministry anticipated.

Diane Maheia, CEO, Ministry of Education: “The thing is that COVID isn’t going away and we cannot be paralyzed by the fear. We need to continue to work for what is best for the children. The effects of the learning loss that we’re seeing and the reality is that the students who are suffering the most are those who are already the most at risk. These effects are things that we’re going to be seeing for many years, that’s the reality. That’s the thing that we have to face. When they begin to come back into the classroom what some schools are doing for example is they’re bringing back students who are priority because they need the most remedial work and they’re realizing how great the gap is. Whether you’re talking about a primary school student or a secondary school student the fact remains that there is learning loss there is no way around that and so we have to begin to work to try to combat that and right now our solution is to combat that by going hybrid, allowing the students and the teachers to be back together safely with controlled spaces, with controlled times. We have to get back to that. We see that wearing the masks won’t kill us, it’s not wearing the masks that will that’s the reality. We cannot be paralyzed by fear, we have to remember that we have students across this nation who are suffering.”