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Education CEO Speaks on GOB’s Promise of Free Education for All

Also the Government says that making education work for Belize and Belizeans is a national priority. As such, nine pledges were made including achieving universal pre-school education, facilitating a national healthy-start feeding program and transforming education by deploying technology. The Ministry of Education also intends to expand the teaching of African and Mayan history and civics at all levels. Most importantly, they plan to provide truly free education from pre-school to 6th form. We asked CEO in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Dian Maheia about how is that going.

Diane Maheia, CEO, Ministry of Education: “We also are committed to delivering on those promises that’s a definite. But those are things that continue, they’re part of our plan and you know you have to go through the steps you can’t just automatically quickly no matter how much we would like to snap our fingers and make magic happen we can’t do that so we’re going through the steps because these are the ultimate goals, these are things that we are working toward and as we move forward through 2022 you will be hearing more of these things. I think the accomplishments of the past year against the backdrop of the very many challenges that we had are significant you know? And so we’re looking forward to doing so much more in the year ahead.”