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Education Minister Aware of Female Teacher’s situation in Orange Walk

A high school teacher from the Orange Walk District had been placed on administrative leave after pictures of her nude body were found on the internet.   The pictures were in the public domain in December, 2018 and as a result, the teacher was asked to resign from the Catholic institution. The teacher refused and was subsequently placed on leave. Love News asked the Minister of Education Patrick Faber if he was aware of the situation and if it warranted the Ministry’s attention.

Jose Sanchez: “Is there any update regarding the case of the teacher from Orange Walk?”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “I really don’t know anything about the case of the teacher in Orange Walk. These matters are handled at the district level if there is such a situation. They have asked me before but I have not gotten any briefing on that situation.”

Jose Sanchez: “And that sort of a teacher being sent home would go to the Teacher Servicing Commission first as well?”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “Well like I said I don’t know the details but if it was the administration trying to issue some kind of disciplinary procedure then yes I believe it would have to go to the commission but I am not in the commission myself so.”

Love News was informed that the teacher was considering legal options.